A landmark survey has revealed that almost halve of South Africans over the age of 15 are overweight or obese. These statistics on obesity are increasingly comparable to those of the United States, where 61% of the population are either over weight or obese. South Africa's first national demographic and health survey indicated that 25% of its citizens fell into the overweight category, with a Body Mass Index in excess of 25, while 20% fell into the obese category with a BMI of more than 30. In the US alone the weight loss market accounts for more than $65 billion dollars in sales alone and are expected to grow 6% annually. The market continue to grow as more and more people are getting concerned over their health and well-being and the way they look. There is no better time to establish a leadership position in a market that needs credibility.




At THE SLIMMING COMPANY clients are initially interviewed and advised by a trained consultant. A customised weight loss program is then developed and recommended to the client with their goals in mind. Clients are given all the support and guidelines to achieve their weight loss goals and maintain their achieved weight for a lifetime. THE SLIMMING COMPANY provides healthy and safe weight loss solutions without the need for surgery. The program is individually tailored and incorporate weight loss through healthy living, lifestyle changes and dietary modifications.


THE SLIMMING COMPANY started operations in 2010 and after a blooming period, market evaluation and research, introduced the agency and franchise concept which offers a sustainable and profitable business opportunity for self-motivated and willing-to-learn entrepreneurs. THE SLIMMING COMPANY has a unique, effective and completely branded range of products which help clients achieve their weight loss goals through a whole range of healthy supplements and homeopathic product lines.

Repeat Business:

We see a enormous market niche which needs the consistency, professionalism and the market knowledge that we bring to consumers. We deliver results and a experience that will bring customers back in for additional services and long term relationships. The franchise opportunity will allow you to be in the driver's seat of your own future. The business model has been designed to provide maximum value and revenue generation opportunities through a customised and structured marketing program that will make you stand out  from the competitors.


Owning THE SLIMMING COMPANY agency or franchise for your town or area will offer you the opportunity to be part of a dynamic  team. Contact us today to start your way to success!!! Be part of our rapid growing footprint into the South African market. The majority of what THE SLIMMING COMPANY is paid for is generated from YOUR success. We have so much confidence in our ability to help you start and build a successful and profitable business that you will be thrilled with the results. You can count on great training, support and couching from THE SLIMMING COMPANY'S management team as you build your business.

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